We’re Simply 65 Roses and we have been creating natural, toxin-free products since 2017. Just this year, we decided to take this little hobby of ours and turn it into a business, something I have always dreamed about!

Our products are handmade with only dōTERRA essential oils and organic ingredients. Our mission is to produce the cleanest and purest products just for you.

Green cleaning, green beauty & green living is our love language!

I started this business because I yearned for cleaner and safer products to use in my home, toxin-free products for me and my family. And that ranged from cleaning to beauty items. Yes, I know that’s A LOT to swap out. We call this the “Safe Swap”, and I am here to tell you it’s totally do-able! I’m also here to help you along the way by providing resources, recommendations, and products that make the Safe Swap easy peasy.

My purpose behind turning this from a hobby into a business came from that little flame deep down in of wanting to share my passion for health and wellness in a holistic way. I wanted, no needed, to share my mission with others who are also needing that change in their life, to give back and to raise awareness for Cystic Fibrosis – that’s when Simply 65 Roses was born. The name Simply 65 Roses stems from a story that dates back to the ’60s when an overly observant little boy overheard his mom talking about Cystic Fibrosis and mistakingly heard it as “65 roses.” And to live “simply”.

With Simply 65 Roses, I am able to both share my passion and raise awareness by creating clean and pure products for you and your family! This right here, this is my happiness.